David Fuentes

Assistant Professor, PhD
Department of Imaging Physics
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

1515 Holcombe Blvd., Unit 1902
Houston, TX 77030
1881 East Road, Unit 1902
Houston, TX 77054
off: (713) 745 3377
fax: (713) 563 5084
E-Mail: fuentesdt[at]gmail.com

Research Interests:
My research interests concern the development, implementation, and validation of high performance human assisted computational tools for image-guided interventions. The unique dynamic closed loop control system, facilitated by the coupling of the predictive capabilities of computational simulation with real-time imaging feedback, has the potential to enable novel and robust model-constrained approaches to imaging as well as lay the foundation for reliable minimally invasive computer assisted treatment modalities. My current research focuses on exploiting the predictive abilities of sophisticated numerical algorithms for pretreatment planning, real-time monitoring, and real-time feedback control of laser induced thermal therapies of cancer. The effort to provide accurate predictions and real-time control of the patient specific bioheat transfer are based on finite element techniques that span the fields of: Uncertainty Quantification, Optimion, Control Theory, Parallel Computing, Image Processing, Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Error Estimation, and Adaptivity.

PhD, Computational and Applied Mathematics, May 2008, The University of Texas at Austin
Master of Science, Computational and Applied Mathematics, August 2005, The University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering, Highest Honors, December 2002, The University of Texas at Austin

Curriculum vitae

Articles Under Review
[1] C Walker, D. Fuentes, Peder Larson, Vikas Kundra, Daniel Vigneron, and James Bankson. Effects of Excitation Angle Strategy on Quantitative Analysis of Hyperpolarized Pyruvate. MRM, 2018. in review. [ bib ]
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Journal Articles/Book Chapters Cover Pages IEEE TBME May 2010 IJH Aug 2011

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Conference Proceedings

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Book Chapters

[1] K. R. Diller, J. T. Oden, C. Bajaj, J. C. Browne, J. Hazle, I. Babuška, J. Bass, L. Bidaut, L. Demkowicz, A. Elliott, Y. Feng, D. Fuentes, S. Goswami, A. Hawkins, S. Khoshnevis, B. Kwon, S. Prudhomme, and R. J. Stafford. Advances in Numerical Heat Transfer, editor: W. J. Minkowycz and E. M. Sparrow, volume 3: Numerical Implementation of Bioheat Models and Equations, chapter 9: Computational Infrastructure for the Real-Time Patient-Specific Treatment of Cancer. Taylor & Francis Group, 2008. [ bib | http ]

Other Manuscripts
[1] F Maier, CJ MacLellan, D. Fuentes, E.N.K Cressman, K Hwang, JD Hazle, and RJ Stafford. A Multi-Parametric Pulse Sequence for Characterion of Thermochemical Ablation Injections. 2015. [ bib ]
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Courses Taught
[1] GS02-1032 Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Lecturer (DCE Lab). The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS), Summer 2015. [ bib | http ]
[2] Scientific Computing Bootcamp, Short Course, Organizer. The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS), August 2013, 2014, 2015. [ bib ]
[3] GS02-1183 Applied Mathematics for Medical Physics, Lecturer. The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS), Fall 2012-. [ bib | http ]